The conjuntio, the integration of opposites (Feminine and Masculine), leads to the release of high older energy into the conscious personality and the creation of a disorder. This breaks down rigid defences, the lead /Saturn, where the spirit is the water that dissolves rigid character structures. Being overwhelmed by feelings to stay fused are impossible, but so is separation, leading to mad areas of the psyche and will suffer from an impossible passion that needs to be encountered if relationships are going to be more than just a joint economic venture or a place to hide one’s deepest fears and pathology.

The creation of the idealised Anima image represents the superhuman mother in the eye of the son. Homosexuality manifests as an incomplete detachment/separation (fusion), where there is extreme resistance to identity with a two-sided sexual being. Heterosexuality ties unconsciously to the mother, and Don Juanism seeks every woman’s ideal mother. The daughter will either stimulate or inhibit feminine instincts or when she is a mother, she injures masculinity in the son through infantile sexualisation.

The negative feminine expresses itself when a woman’s only goal is childbirth, to be an idealised object to be lauded over, so the child clings to them and has no sense of existence without them. The husband being and goals work as secondary importance, only there as a creative and reproductive mechanism to generate a narcissistic supply in her offspring. The child’s Eros/libido (will to power) is underdeveloped on a personal level, and they sacrifice themselves or others as they cannot break free.

The level of inner tyranny on her personality the greater and more ardent will be the unconscious, primitive, ruthless and unrelated aspects of the self.

Underdeveloped Eros replaces maternal instinct or is wiped out, which may create an unconscious incestuous relationship with her father. Anima’s projection and fetishes hook men with passive Eros, as the feminine dragon has defeated them, and act out infantile sexual perversion into fantasised images of women. By identifying with the mother, the daughter paralyses her inner femininity and completely projects her darker aspects onto the other, clinging to the mother with selfish devotion leading to a shadow existence, being sucked dry by the mother with an induced appearance of childlike innocence.

By resisting the mother unconsciously, the child creates a negative mother complex but will seek and find a partner or husband will make who exhibits the mother’s traits to reinstate the fused patterns of relating. She may have great difficulty in conceiving with multiple miscarriages as she continues to fight and resist her divine feminine. Her separated and detached Identity makes consciousness impossible, and only agonising confrontation of opposites can produce consciousness and insight by embracing the conjunctio. Western culture denies the value of sexuality, while therapy denies the value of spirituality.

7 Stages of Alchemy

  • Calcination – the gradual death of the profane, death of the ego and death of interest in the material world as the soul realises the illusions it has embraced—the destruction of the ego and all its defences, self-perpetuating delusions, attachment to appearance and material possessions. One may experience hellfire and reduce life to a shamble at the beginning of the black stage. One becomes disoriented and unsettled as one dispels deceptions, beliefs, and thoughts.
  • Dissolution-the breaking down of the artificial structure of the psyche by immersing in the unconscious and the rejected parts of the mind. Powerful forces of the unconscious start evaporating the ego before one’s own eyes. The dissolution of the heart and the Id to release buried emotions that conceal/distort our nature, sharing our pain and revealing our inner world—the opening of the water and floodgates of the unconscious and generating new energy.
  • Separation– (sulphur the masculine ). The black soul bird splits into two white doves that descend to save and retrieve the remains of stages one and two, the coming together of soul and spirit. The dove retrieves frozen energy released from the breaking down of habits and crystallised thoughts (assumptions, beliefs, prejudices, contamination) and hardened feelings ( emotional blockages, phobias, neurosis). The new energy is now available for spiritual transformation, letting go of self-inflicted restrictions of one’s nature and sharing their hidden essence.
  • Conjunction– The union of the masculine and feminine into a new belief system which needs to be neutral to survive, a crude hermaphrodite, needing to discern and develop the intelligence of the heart. Intuition over self and individuation.
  • Fermentation– meditation, prayer and breakdown of the personality. True imagination beyond the possibilities of the human state. A mind with meaningful and profoundly real images and no illusions. Decomposition of the ego leads to a potential depression, extinguishing all interest in life invested in the inflated ego. Need to work through the darkest stages, the “dark night of the soul”. The death card in the tarot represents the ego’s death and the spirit’s inculcation. Brings on the yellow stage (Albedo)and the sacred fire of transpersonal processes. Sulphur and mercury work together.
  • Distillation-The boiling and condensation of the fermentation. No inputs are influenced by the id and ego, a mind where base emotions and beliefs can’t follow—a vacuum filled with solid spiritual essence before being hardened. The yellow balm is purified by forced vaporisation and repeated washings. The separation and recombination of subtle energy grow new aspects of personality. Separation from desires represents the sublimation and resurrection of the most basic and darkest matter on a higher level.
  • Coagulation-one`s corporation is fused with the spiritual presence of distillation (Rubedo, as the phoenix from the ashes. The resurrected personality with peace of mind, a high level /of self with greater adaptability and objectivity to the situation.

During the journey, one will try to refuse to take personal responsibility and plead to be rescued by an external power to relieve suffering and hardship. Only the philosopher’s stone can survive the dragon’s breath; only by destroying the ego can the stone manifest itself via the “death of the profane”. The suppression and taming of the ego, buried in the white purified ash created by the emotions of the libido, intensify and burn themselves out, with the ego sacrificed for the good of the personality.

The ego works like a parasite to one’s lifeforce, entirely adaptive and reactive designed to perpetuate illusions and keep people in a superficial reality.

The less-developed ego may enjoy primordial incest and find it blissful, managing the lunar mother in the pursuits of drugs, sex and power. Letting go of control, breaking habits and allowing feelings to flow, allow hidden truths to materialise and incarnate into the whole being via confrontation of the primal energies of the unconscious and acknowledge their power—withdrawal of ego protections when one can see how their anger or revolt has manifested. The furious heating, filtration and sifting of the self-deprecating vessel and attitudes as we become aware of our misconceptions and illusions. We can see how we become an apparatus of contaminated ego complexes and unwanted split-off unconscious. The containing unity of these opposites is the basis for the creation of consciousness, and somewhere in confusion lies the true self.