About Me

I offer a combination of psychological and spiritual guidance, helping the individual gain enough ego strength and awareness to embark on the Hero’s journey of spiritual development.

This is for individuals who want to self-actualise, where they embrace their inner true self following a path of creativity, inner knowing and purpose. We will explore the deeper conscious and unconscious aspects of one’s egoic structure and how the ego defends against the deep core wounds our parents, society and culture have inflicted upon us. With greater awareness and ego strengthening we can start to access our true self, accept our negative feelings and beliefs helping us work towards autonomy, divinity, and transformation. For those who have already embarked on the journey we can discuss and explore the spiritual life, their aim and aspirations, the struggles and obstacles one faces being awake and how wider world issues are impacting us. The attainment of intellectual, instinctual, emotional, and energetic balance is a core aspiration and goal as we work together. Everything takes place in a confidential and supportive space. THIS IS NOT for people who want to ease their anxiety and suffering by adopting positive thinking or spiritually bypassing without doing the courageous, extremely difficult, painful yet joyful work it requires.


I offer one to one face to face sessions at my home in Windsor or I can work on multiple online platforms like skype, zoom, What’s App etc. I offer a variety of ways to work with me

  1. Assessment – a Compulsory one off one-hour session to evaluate suitability, goals, relational patterns and health.
  2. One off Consultation– Arrange one-off sessions from time to time to discuss present problems and difficulties you are facing
  3. Teaching– we can work on a monthly basis exploring and developing spiritual techniques and ideas, cultivating and integrating a deeper spiritual practice through disciplined commitment, meditation and acceptance.
  4. Ego, Shadow and self-Activation–weekly sessions based on an allocated space which you will own, helping to widen one`s awareness and capacity to contain our negative emotions as we finally start to separate emotional and psychological from our parental influences and relational patterns


Two-Hour Session£120 for one off and monthly sessions. Assessment and weekly sessions are for an hour and cost £60 .Use the CONTACT page on this site to get in touch and schedule a session. I do ask for a brief overview of your present circumstance and your spiritual journey and why you feel we can work together.


I am a trained Transactional Analysis therapist, CBT counsellor, Metaphysical Practitioner and Transformational Life Coach. I fundamentally work on a spiritual basis offering advice and guidance where we can explore psychological, relationship or career issues. I am not working as a mental health practitioner and everyone must use their own discretion and judgment to decide if this is the support they require. Under no circumstances will I be held liable or responsible for any direct or indirect damages arising out of the use of, or inability to use, the information I share.