In this episode, Susan Guner and Kevin Martin explore the social perceptions of co-dependency and the need to rescue others from their suffering. We explore how childhood conditioning plays out in adult relationships, where compulsive patterns to sacrifice one’s needs and wishes for the validation and approval of their partner result in unconscious resentment and unhappy lives. In the last part of the video, we go through my most recent blog.

10 Signs of a Codependent Relationship

  • 1. The tendency to choose immature partners
  • 2. Trouble trusting and articulating feelings
  • 3. A constant need for external validation and approval
  • 4. Avoiding conflict
  • 5. Unbounded loyalty
  • 6. Poor communication skills
  • 7. They live vicariously through others
  • 8. Expected reciprocity
  • 9. Lack of boundaries
  • 10. Can’t make decisions

Here is a link to the article as well