Three levels of operation

  1. Superficial – polite, civil and accommodating
  2. Middle layer – destructive urges and impulses – responsibility
  3. The biological core – Love and hatred – must pass through a middle layer where the core impulses are abrogated or walled off and becomes destructive forces.

Bodily and emotional armour block the natural impulses created by society and parents through relationships and conditioning. The impulses of sexual tensions are built up and not discharged naturally and are passed through instant infantile sexual gratification or world exploitation. This leads to the intolerance of sensations and fear of emotions when spontaneity is experienced, leading to anxiety. They may seek out substance abuse to replace unattenuated sexual gratification or motherly contact, such as overeating, talking excessively or via socio-political activities to channel anger and fear. They need to control the behaviour and motives of others or project their way of life onto others. They can’t tolerate unarmoured expression, as it activates intense longing and fills them with the walled-off emotions o healthy sexuality/ contact. Unable to tolerate freedom of natural instincts and expression makes them vulnerable to political/religious leaders and gurus as they offer freedom without change.

  1. Conservatives – access to biological core and emotions from the secondary level. It tends to be authoritarian (Sex negative due to moral taboos), and armour is the musculature.
  2. Liberals – superficial layer with idealistic solutions. Thinking is rigid, concrete and distorted to protect armouring of emotions. Conceal feelings of hatred and contempt while blocking and projecting onto others. Body energy felt inward as anxiety and outward as pleasure. Defensive use of intellect, social forces and ideals, where the second layer is disguised under a highly destructive, subjective reasoning

The infantile adult attempts to control the environment to conform to their irrational needs and has secured itself within the character structure of the masses. The social fabric and anti-authoritarian approach can no longer contain the destructive secondary levels. We live in a 2-dimensional world (ocular), without binocular vision, due to lack of parental mirroring and contact, full of confusion and limited perspectives.

Oral Stage

It should be the integration of the ocular vision and oral zones, where the child`s excitement and spontaneity have been filled with deprivation and rejection because of lack of attunement. The child grows up unable to express individual ideas and feelings clearly. Becomes orally fixated on drinking, overeating and smoking.

Anal stage

Sphincter movement and restriction lead to a contraction in the pelvic area and holding of breath if the child uses the potty exercise to try and gain some form of control. This limits spontaneity, and he complies with outside instructions if forced under potty training. This can lead to a human machine-like character, with sadistic pleasures, by controlling others while subservient to authority. The authoritarian or anti-authoritarian (smothering) mother leads to the child needing a leader to validate and instruct them. They Can become obsessively clean and orderly (OCD) or the opposite dependent or level of restrictions.

Phallic Stage

The parent Is unable to tolerate the child’s exhibitionism or attempts at separation (emotional incest), and clamps down, leading to Oedipal defeat and castration. Once reached and attained this stage of emotional progression, the child becomes neurotic and not self-disordered—May experience sexual anxiety and guilt in adulthood. One learns to have greater activity in service of revenge against the castration, with sadistic impulses, fantasies and magical thinking. The anger which should be directed at the parents is discharged onto society extensively in social and political activities, instead of the neurotic who brings the anger internally onto themselves. The new society has an indiscriminate expression under the guise of permissiveness, with a chronic sense of entitlement and endless yearning for instant gratification.

Genital Stage

It should lead to healthy sexual functioning; otherwise leads to negative attitudes towards the parent of the same sex and dysfunctional sexual needs. This is normally due to moralistic sexual repression activated by cultural and religious beliefs, developing emotional and intellectual intrusions. The mother/father may install a frightening image of the opposite sex, creating disillusionment and lack of trust, expressing their innate hatred towards men based on their personal experiences, for instance, saying, “All men are alike and after only one thing”. We have seen the social castration of the father and masculine in recent years due to the unresolved unconscious contempt towards the father/patriarchal narcissistic authority. The boy is left with a weak sense of identity, where their rebelliousness turns into impulsivity and hyperactivity. The girl feels alienated, lacks a feminine identity, and is emotionally deadened with hysterical behaviours due to high anxiety levels.

The aggression is now externalised and rationalised by the intellect.

The genital character can fully focus on a task or object, has a natural yearning for continued human contact that finds expression in work and social life, feels a healthy sympathy for fellow human beings in sorrow and happiness, and experiences life as a fulfilment and unfolding of his or her natural tendencies and struggle to achieve objectives. His or her sex life attains full bloom in a context of heterosexual intercourse with full surrender, without identifying the partner either consciously or unconsciously with a parent, without wishing to torment or to be tormented, without accepting celibacy except for strongly convincing reasons, and without looking for another partner so long as his or her affection for the partner is reciprocated.

The neurotic character operates under a principle of compulsive moral regulation due to chronic energy stasis. The neurotic character’s work and life are permeated by the struggle to suppress original and even more basic urges or tendencies. Their work is directed by a desire to feel superior or an unbridled sense of duty rather than by a striving for joy and happiness. His or her sex life is disturbed by impulses derived from pregenital wishes so strong that they prevent the experience of full release during orgasm, or else genital wishes are so suppressed by prohibitions and a guilty conscience that they either inhibit a full release during orgasm or prevent the establishment of an adult sex life. The sexual discharge will leave him or her empty, unsatisfied, and not fully at peace, resulting in feelings of emptiness and inferiority.


Armoured societies create armoured children. The anti-authoritarian society creates energy blocks in the pelvic area, whereby the person learns to act out their secondary impulses, destroying everything they perceive as lively or exciting, controlling their impulses by influencing and controlling those around them. They can’t tolerate natural sexuality and must destroy the intolerable. They pull their energy into an ocular defensive unit and intellectualise the world, where contact with the emotional self is lost, and words and ideas are used to express their deadened emotions. Emotions derived from the intellect do not cure inner anxiety, as looking to society to provide a feeling of belonging and security works only as a temporary substitute. Adhering to social justice and social causes is an idealised behaviour to stop the inner aggressive impulses mobilising, where the Individual has split off their aggression, unable to see the destructive social patterns and behaviours in others. Unable to see individual differences and long for an equal, classless society where material and financial possessions are equally dispersed. Individuals do not have to take responsibility and rely on their intuition and instincts to survive, never to reach maximum adult functioning.

The fear of aggression is rooted in their biophysical collapse, with a dread of violence, anger or spontaneity and an intense need to belong to social dependency. Unable to express or feel deep emotions and tolerate the destructive behaviour of others. A result is a group and society hell-bent on destroying authoritative figures and institutions, easing inner angst and keeping their biological core walled off. The child develops intense levels of continued anxiety due to lack of maternal contact and attunement in the anti-authoritarian household, with a hyperactive attachment process, clinging and needing to merge with the other while fearing engulfment at the same time. A woman may have been emancipated from enforcing moral values and beliefs on their children, but now we have children rejecting and despising moral judgement or objectivity. They have a disabled sensitometer and an innate inability to feel inner outrage and negative emotions, therefore tolerating the violence of the idealised object.

  1. Anti-authoritarians– Freedom without responsibility
  2. Authoritarian – responsibility without freedom  

Whereas the neurotic character struggles with feelings of guilt to suppress destructive drives (e.g. A torture fantasy), people with the emotional plague unconsciously provide each other with a social alibi to act out these suppressed drives. They adopt a group ideology that rationalises acting on irrational, secondary drives. An increase in freedom requires an increase in responsibility, awareness and discernment.

The destructive impulse and defence against it protect the individual from experiencing the displaced painful sensations and emotions related to their own confusion. When the primary emotion passes through the armour, it loses its biological quality, becomes irrational, hurtful and destructive, and is substituted by political ideology. The origins of prejudicial ideas and activities are rooted in self-contempt projected onto others due to a visceral hatred of the self. Making money becomes a substitute for happiness (emotional security) with an endless need for distractions, diversions and external stimuli with an incapacity to tolerate any anxiety.

They are distinct differences between the superficial (armoured layered) and the deeply satisfied individual, where each layer is distinct and is composed of like-minded people who spontaneously organise and settle into the social world. Each group maintains its functional separateness from other groups through a common belief system and ideology.

Authority was previously used effectively in raising healthy children, loyal to their families, state authority, and nation and viewed under God’s guidance. Authority from the family has shifted to the state, working with the state as the antagonist against the individual, where they exclude and oppose each other in continual conflict. This old moral authority believed repressing and containing the destructive secondary layers was necessary to have a functional society. Social anxiety was contained by law, but secondary sexual urges and longings grew and sought expression.

Responsibility for one`s life has been replaced by social causes deemed morally meaningful and necessary, where there is nothing to rebel against as legit authorities no longer exist, and where authority has been replaced by indifference and impulsivity.

Repression to forms of tribalism, cults and gangs safeguarded by the group, in an emotional helpless state and neurotic dependency on others.

Liberal Mysticism

The tenets of the liberal ideal are as follows.

  1. Everyone can improve, achieve and achieve happiness in abstract ideas held in the new age, Christian Science and Scientology.
  2. All people are capable of redemption through social interventions.
  3. Everyone can attain higher knowledge without observing themselves or the outer world.
  4. Scientific gaps can be filled by mysticism.
  5. The truth and law are relative to the individual’s worldview. There are many views and perspectives, and no one is better than the other.

The liberal individual will retain freedom as an ideal, even willing to fight or die for the ideal, whereby their freedom means freedom from the responsibility that goes with it. Their sexual anxiety (libido) is caught between human longing for and fear of freedom, engulfment and abandonment, the classic borderline ego structure and development. They have limited tolerance for true freedom, clinging to their character and false persona, which has little to do with their natural functioning and expression. Then there is a frantic search to retain some form of individuality or social cohesion through group association and collectivism. They seek emotional release in the form of retribution for their unconscious guilt through political action, becoming increasingly radical to try and soothe the growing inner tensions. They displace their inner Oedipal conflict (primary revenge against the murder of the father) onto society, reacting with blind rage against any form of an authority figure or symbol intolerant of their freedom. The dehumanisation and isolation of the individual through lack of motherly contact and attunement lead to acting out the displaced charge seeking revenge at imaginary or historical targets of oppression, be it a father, Nazi or heterosexual.

The Homosexual

A major disturbance occurs in the organisational armour in the erogenous zones, which leads to the giving up of attraction to the opposite-sex parent. The child relinquishes their aggression for passivity, masculine to feminine, due to emotional pain experienced in childhood. This results in a passive, feminine male or a masculine female, intense hatred of the opposite sex, and a libido directed towards same-sex partners. Political activism can reduce one`s anxiety by legitimating their inner anguish and legitimising their pregenital activities into social norms, and anyone who disagrees is homophobic and uncaring. This continues the negation of their natural biological core, which has been walled off and denied impaired thinking and constructs regarding the sexes. This has resulted in a shift from the body to the brain and rationalisation, where one is born with a defined sexual orientation; any disorder is a chemical imbalance and not due to parental or societal neglect and inability to tolerate true emotions. They manifest their genital revenge through the intellect and the manifestation of infantile feminine ideals.

The Socialist /Communist

Due to no contact with their biological core, they have work disturbances and resentment against any authority or entrepreneurship, except for being the authority of a collective group, as in a union boss. They abhor competition and aggression, which are needed in a free market system, but crave to be told what to do and believe. They allow political leaders to be responsible for their welfare, who believe in equalising wealth and have little respect for individual needs, ideas and expectations. Projecting their Oedipal conflict onto the environment, usually finding a career in media, journalism or academia, enhancing the intellectual defence, but lack inner emotional depth and knowledge. They are very good at creating and implementing ideas for the herd’s benefit, usually having dysfunctional personal relationships and lacking boundaries, concern and intimacy. Their armour has them trapped in self-deception and false images, where the answer to their problems is outside and solved through religion and social and political ideas. Will they have the courage to face the terror of looking inside, to deal with the enormity of their personal conflicts and emotions? To enter the shadow realm and reach their core feelings and destructive impulses, to be healed and integrated into a healthy individual.

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