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Ego Strength and the Higher Self

At Amida Life Coach

I understand how challenging life can be sometimes, and how to hurt, pain, anxiety, confusion, and distress can knock us off balance. I offer a safe and confidential space to help you get the best out of your life. For this reason, I specialize in helping people with :
  •  Narcissistic Abuse– understanding the personal experience and dynamics
  •  Ego Strengthening – Increasing Adult Ego functioning with increased awareness and acceptance
  •  Spiritual Growth – highlighting aspects of the Hero’s Journey and methods to move forward
  •  limited beliefs and Scripts – deep analysis of embedded parental messages and conditioning
  • People pleasing Syndrome – learn the Ability to say NO and live with guilt , fear and abandonment
you will then be able to
  1.  Feel heard & understood
  2.      Re-align with their inner truth and see life more clearly
  3.      Transform emotions & develop healthy relationship
  4.  Develop their unique creativity and find more meaning in their life
  5.  Nurture the courage to be heard and seen as they really are
  6.  Increase their self-esteem and self-worth, so they start loving & appreciating who they are 
[anps_featured_horizontal title=”Narcissitic Abuse” image_u=”3154″ link=”https://www.conjunctio.co.uk/symptoms/narcissistic-abuse/”]Are you feeling confused, disorientated with a depleted sense of self.[/anps_featured_horizontal][anps_featured_horizontal title=”Complex PTSD” image_u=”3159″]Are you struggling to pinpoint an event causing  you emotional instability and disorientation.[/anps_featured_horizontal][anps_featured_horizontal title=”Spiritual Depression ” image_u=”3163″ link=”https://www.conjunctio.co.uk/symptoms/spiritual-depression/”]Your sense of sadness and confusion may be a sign you are out of spiritual alignment[/anps_featured_horizontal]
[anps_featured image_u=”3185″]‘I  help people connect with, explore and develop their most authentic self’. My Professional Techniques and Personal Experiences help guide Individuals with Depression, Emotional Instability and Spiritual Angst into a more Meaningful Life.[/anps_featured]

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    [vc_custom_heading text=”Testimonials” use_theme_fonts=”yes” el_class=”title”][testimonials][testimonial user_name=”Tom, Bristol” image_u=”2539″]I cannot thank Kevin enough for the help he has given to me, it means a lot and I really appreciate it. Since our last set of sessions I have felt better and my friends and family have said they have seen a great improvement in my wellbeing and I have been able to cope with stress, the city life and I have learnt to accept change. This is the longest length of time I have felt positive about life. Thank you again, Kevin. It’s a great thing you do, helping people change their lives for the better.[/testimonial][testimonial rating=”5″ user_name=”Vicki, Bellingham” image_u=”2539″]We worked on my lack of internal validation something I felt was crucial to being a good coach. I identified my inner self talk which was mainly negative so made it very hard to believe in myself. Having identified and named the characters we then went on to explore how they interacted, where they had originated from and how I could counter act them. Understanding them made them less powerful and therefore my ability to validate and believe in myself has risen considerably. All in all Kevin helped with my confidence which has enhanced my work with my own clients.[/testimonial][testimonial rating=”5″ user_name=”Jen, Scotland” image_u=”2539″]I would recommend Kevin for many reasons. He is incredibly patient, empathetic, friendly and very easy to talk to. Having lost a lot of confidence in my abilities over the past couple of years he very quickly reminded me of my skills and how to apply these when applying for employment. I am feeling a confidence and motivation that I have not felt in a long time and don’t think I would have felt without his help, guidance and support.[/testimonial][testimonial rating=”5″ user_name=”Marc, Ealing” image_u=”2539″]I developed a better understanding of what is going on with me during work related interactions, and to create tools to help me when I am finding this difficult. In addition Kevin helped me re focus what I enjoy about my job and the role, and also those whom I work with, without this having a negative impact for me outside of work in my personal life. I have managed to achieve a more productive and confident position.[/testimonial][/testimonials]