The Hated Child

The Nightgown

Fear of the Feminine

The Used Child

Reparative Body Work

Short-term dynamic psychotherapy (STDP) is designed to create intrapsychic crisis leading to psychic disequilibrium, followed by narrative construction.

The forbidden Self

The Neurotic mind

The Central Ego

The Conjunctio


Complex PTSD

Relational Units



Fantasy Bond

The bond replaces emotional suffering, pain, abandonment and anxiety with a destructive self-limiting role and experience. Keeps one insulated, mechanical and detached...

Into the Darkest places

People suffering from borderline states have experienced profound early relational trauma with primary caretakers /parents. They are continuously at odds with a...

Going Mad to Stay Sane

The pain, despair and self-destructiveness are as loud a statement as possible to make and acknowledge the soul is under attack and...
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Transcendental Function

The Transcendental function (TF) bridges the conscious and unconscious. The TF is the land of uncertainty, and disorientation, buffeted by forces of...

Pregnant Darkness

The period when Ego consciousness moves towards the darkness and conflict (nigredo), facing the devilish energies of fear, addiction, mania and inner...


In society, the diminishment of one's masculinity is equated with losing the male sex organ (castration anxiety ), while the attainment of...


Transactional Analysis

Transactional analysis is social psychology and therapeutic approach to improve communication and relations. The approach outlines our personal development and sense of...

The Scapegoat Complex

The Nightgown