Children learn to hide Oppression by shrouding their consequences with shame and secrecy, thereby enforcing establishment values and creating mystery or deceit. The child to survive learns ill and negative feelings are their own fault and responsibility, where acceptance leads to aversion and sublimation. Via Sublimation, the Child diverts or modifies their instinctual impulses into a culturally higher or socially more acceptable activity.

  1. Oppression and deception = Alienation
  2. Oppression and awareness = Anger

How one empathises and enforces the lies of the oppressor determines the level of alienation of one’s intelligence, capacity to love, body, and labour. Society uses their labour for meaningless wages, is forced to be competitive, and uses others for personal gain and growth. They learn to escape via fantasy, medical inducement, addictions, or erotic seduction. They live in an unconscious world of consensual choice with the illusion of choice handed to them by their oppressors.

“Alienated people become therapists dealing with alienated people, who live in delusions, expounding their aggression onto perceived inferiors and away from the source.”

Due to the fixated ego at an infantile level, oppressed people move away from bodily pleasure or concentrate on genital arousal and do not experience true intimacy.  Their Oppression manifests in the output of labour (workaholic), alienated sexual activity (masturbation/prostitutes), and drug use to compensate. They have been taught to deny having their own experiences in the world, starved of strokes via love, and try to attain via work, wealth, appearance, or a heroic tolerance of pain (people pleaser). The learned sexual repression and character development lead to submission to authority and incapable of rebellion. The aggression has been split off and modified to avoid further separation attempts.

Patriarchal family units lead to conservative and authoritarian structures that needed to be dissembled, with governmental support of exploitation and oppression of the sexuality of the young. The performance principle was implemented via school brainwashing to deny the experience of pleasure with the body and eroticise the genital parts. People who defy the social stroke economy are social deviants, bandaged together, and deemed a threat to national security and society.