Man is born free and yet everywhere he is in chains

The universal appeal of science reveals no permanent truth and cannot answer the wrong way. Man uses procedures to try and learn to know thyself. To escape a trap, one must first admit they are in prison, where man’s emotional structure and character are the unconscious trap. The first thing to do is to find the exit out of the trap. If one lives in a dark cellar for too long, one will hate the sunshine or even lose the power of one’s eye to tolerate light.

We need to reshape the human character through a radical change in the total aspect of practical child-raising to meet the ideals of life itself and not conform to culture and parental limitations. The child needs a heart-warming, continuous experience of love and contact, with a mutual surrender of bodies with their mother. The genital embrace grows out naturally from a slowly developing body urge to merge with another body. The organismic excitation will be able to search each other’s sensations, and they will feel delighted in finding them. The child can then make contact with the outer world, explore their body fully with no malignant flesh, and be fully embraced by their life force.

The devil is sickness and lust in the flesh, murder and betrayal of their fellow man, cheating, lying, and money-grabbing. They have lost god and know him no more. The flesh has wholly obliterated the body, where god is still within. However, buried and distorted, unable to be recognised and acknowledged without causing deep anxiety. The killer of Christ hates themselves and everybody else; they live lonely and forsaken lives, hidden in big crowds and deadly afraid of each other. They cannot live with the turn and honesty, where a primary genital disturbance has led to orgiastic impotence and withdrawal. They will hate and try and punish anybody who shows any sign of appearance of any such potency, and they try to murder the Christ within them. The murder of Christ represents the godly love within the body.

The devil spends all his time, wits, skills, and creativity keeping the reality of life away and transferring every concept of reality into a mystical image not to have to grasp it. Empty men are soaking up water like sand, drying out repeatedly, with a constant stream of frustration and unlived reality. A wide gap opens and grows more profound, the difference between the factual impotence of the crowd and its mystical identification with the speaker on the rostrum. The leader becomes the dictator and fills the empty void of the masses. They suffer because they try hard to please, but still do not succeed. The harder they work, the worse becomes the deep feelings of unworthiness and helplessness. The leader must be elevated to a high, fake power of splendour, adorned with possessions, medals, and success. As long as they keep allowing the people to drink from the mystery of leadership, they are safe and valued.

Slowly the inner hate develops, which never becomes fully conscious, but remains and manifests within the body.

Christ challenges their very existence, their emotional, social, sexual, and cosmic reality. They cannot make any changes, as their established ways are rigid, armoured, sterile, immobilised and devoid of development. Christ accepts leadership without sacrificing his true nature; therefore, he must die as he shows others their sacrifice. No amount of effort to alleviate the tremendous economic misery of the masses will or can ever succeed unless their emotional and genital suffering is alleviated first.

The masses only want the image to change, but forever will retain the hate. Losing one`s sources of replenishing strength means losing one’s life. Burn the big hope before it is born, just as they kill the newborn before birth, to obtain quiet, orderly babies that are easy to manage and manipulate. They call out and demand redemption without the need to change and without having to know themselves. The leader becomes a martyr, the ideology to suffer for the greater good and be visible and heard so that the masses can admire, emulate, and worship you. Thousands of children will continue to experience the silent agonies of their maturing, frustrating desires, where nobody notices or cares less. All are forbidden to be mentioned in schools, universities, or parental homes, continually being hatched and broken.

The great giver must suffer and never abandon his plight or fall prey to public condemnation. The public needs their heroes to fill empty souls with a glow of admiration. The masses, consumed by the emotional plague, will never forgive their enemies, as they do not know the sleeve or others. They can go on sinning, and the crucified Christ will always be merciful and take the burden of all their sinning on, in all his great grace. They want to get there for nothing, attain knowledge without effort, and love without kindness. They must kill the constant reminder of their misery and destroy the picture, the lost memory of their torture. They cannot look into an honest face, roaming through life without purpose, aim, or love, where the sword of fire and death is their only delight.

Humanity does not

  1. Distinguish between and separate primary and secondary human nature.
  2. Comprehend the devilish Evil (“Emotional Plague” — “Sin”) as the prime result of the frustrated GOOD — GOD — LIFE — LOVE (including THE GENITAL EMBRACE).
  3. Know how evil could come about when the creator is good.
  4. Have the power to disentangle itself from the Devil and the mechano-mystical dichotomy.
  5. Arrive at laws protecting (not the moral laws but) the primary, godly, bodily love against the emotional plague, which is
    called “sin.”
  6. Reach God, the Good, brotherly Love, by opening the gates out of the trap where the biological foundation of man finds
    itself entrapped.
  7. Stop protecting the Evil emotional plague.
  8. Make the core accessible to put the middle layer plague (— “sin”) out of function, thus:

Politics will offer the illusion of freedom of love for the masses, as they do not need to know what love is or desire to know—protected by the silence of the multitudes, protected by those who suffer from the plague the most. Truth is the only real protection against the emotional plague. The disciples of the masses have no hearts; they only want to get inspiration and warmth from their masters. The plague strikes hard and fast, without mercy or regard for the truth or facts. Only one thing is necessary to kill the victim to kill Christ. No one dares to touch the burning pile of human misery at the very foundation of society.

There is no escaping from these restraints and evasion will further prolong the misery.

There is nothing Christ can do but to die a martyr’s death. He knows he can do nothing, no matter what he says or tells them; they will not listen or understand as they don’t speak the same language. Armoured people can only see red when seeing Christ in the body. Christ causes terror in the frozen flesh, from which only hate and rage can emerge within the individual. He is what they have lost and yearned for; he symbolises what they need to forget and never see again. They must allow others to touch and reach their pain and not use Academia or the intellect to rationalise their pain. Their parents had punished the genital embrace, the schools excluded them from it, and the church declared it sinful.

Christ’s agony is your own, actively and passively. You are hanging on the cross, dying a slow death of sufferings with a million cuts. Ad eath in vain for nothing, where one checked out of all possibilities and the great dream of a higher destiny. Truth is being evaded because it is unbearable and too dangerous to the organism, which cannot tolerate it. Truth means contact with oneself as well as others in the environment. The truth knows who one is and who others are, facing your fellow man with the truth he can`t deal with, comprehend, or embrace. The emotional plague is the freezing cold and the droplet that keeps the seed from yielding the fruit.

Nothing can change as long as man is armoured since every misery stems from the armouring and the immobility which creates the fear of living. Refuse to become the leader, a figure of admiration, and a provider of salvation and hope for the masses. The crowd will isolate and eventually kill the leader, and they will bind him and render him impotent by criticising every move and idea. We need new men who transmit the unique qualities of an unrestricted life. The task is to protect their children from the evil plague as they implement the new process that safeguards emotional growth. We need children to feel free and creative, able to develop instinctively away from cultural and parental confines.

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