The Problem with Therapy

Mind The Gap

The concept of “mind the gap “Is one underlying the transitional space between the client and therapist that is both conscious and unconscious. The space between our minds is the transferential space of entanglements and ruptures.

There is an immediate area of transformation between the realms of fantasy and reality, where subjective and objective perspectives conflict in contradiction and paradox. A space where two people develop a capacity to play, a freedom to explore with responsibility whilst taking risks to be vulnerable and authentic.

In this episode, Susan and I explore the dilemmas and misconceptions of the therapeutic approach under the guise of a code of ethics. The idea that one must do no harm is an underlying guiding principle for the client and the safety of the working alliance.

We explore the problems we face within our practices when approaching clients with defences, delusions and the misuse of these ethics to keep one from doing the work necessary for change. We bring our personal experiences of change and how a sense of tough love is sometimes the only thing that will break into the psychic realm of neurosis and illusion.